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How To Self Publish A Book

Having self-published a book doesn’t make me an expert, but it does qualify me to give you information on a few things that I’ve learned.

Proof Your Book

First and foremost is that no matter what company you choose to publish your book, be sure to find the best editor you can. Even after paying over two thousand dollars to someone who came well-recommended, I still found grammatical errors in my first and second proof book and a few more after it was published. Correcting these grammar mistakes after my book was published cost me more money and made me wish I had been more thorough from the very beginning of my proofreading. Bottom line, ask other people to help you proofread. Most self-publishing companies offer editing as well so you can use an outside editor or your publishing company can be your editor.
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Picking A Company To Self-publish With

This brings me to choosing a self-publishing company. The important thing to remember is to do your research before making a final decision. You can begin by going to the website of TopTen Reviews to get an idea of which self-publishing companies rate the highest and best suit your needs. You can also let Google be your friend and do a search for self-publishing companies. Some hold your hand through the whole process and some can make you feel like you’re almost on your own. Although the company I chose rated highly on the TopTen Reviews and had good reviews from other sources, I still only got what I paid for when it came to the kind of help a first time author needs. I had to call more than a few times and ask questions about things that I felt should have been answered more thoroughly in the materials they sent me. Sometimes I felt that they were not upfront in explaining things that would have been helpful. They frequently assumed that I knew it already. For example, after having the company create my front cover from a description they told me to give them and not being satisfied with the results, I found out through a phone call to them that there was a website I could have used with thousands of ideas to choose from.

Write Your Book Bio and Description

I also had to do a Google search to better explain what a book blurb was and tips when writing the book description and bio for my book. It is difficult as a first time book self-publisher to know every thing that is necessary and your publisher and editor sometimes are not as helpful as I would have liked. The rule of thumb seems to be that the more you spend for self-publishing, the more help you get through the process and after it.
Just make sure that whatever company you choose is reputable and you retain the rights to your book. That way if you’re not completely satisfied, you can always go to another company.
Link to   From TopTen Reviews (highlighted above.

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