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Email Campaign, Newsletter Marketing

Effective Marketing Campaign

An e-mail effective marketing campaign consists of several different parts, each one playing a very important role in the success of your business. No matter what type of home-based business you run, the internet offers valuable tools that will help you advertise to a larger market in ways never before possible. It also allows you to use the more traditional methods of promoting products and services in a very nontraditional manner. A newsletter is a great example of this and is still just as relevant today as it has always been.

Newsletter Marketing by Email

A newsletter can be a very effective part of an e-mail campaign. It will keep your customers up on current events and offerings as well as demonstrate your presence on the World Wide Web. Remember, the more visible you are the easier it will be to promote what you are selling.

Before your newsletter can be incorporated into your e-mail campaign, you need to make sure it is written with the internet audience in mind and have a clear understanding of there needs and your goals. This means less should say more. You want to make sure you include all the information your customers will need in order to make informed decisions but you don’t want to be too wordy when doing so. One good rule of thumb is to write your newsletter with all the information you want your readers to digest. Then, go back and edit it, taking out any words that aren’t necessary. Make sure it reads well and in a logical manner.

Promote your blog, social media pages and any other websites you may maintain. Be sure to include links to all these sites. One great way to promote them is to write a short synopsis of what readers will find if they just “click here”. This information will serve as a teaser of sorts and will encourage them to click to learn more.

Avoid Newsletter Spam

  • Do not over market to your list. When you do the newsletter becomes spam. There are also certain words that when used in your newsletter will flag the spam blockers so your email message may not get through. Avoid all capitol letters, and excessive use of !!!.
  • Include fresh copy. Don’t fill your newsletter with the same information that can be found on your website. Remember you want to give readers a reason to keep visiting your site, so keep the newsletter as current as possible.
  • Come up with a theme. If your newsletter follows the same theme each month, your readers will know what to look for when reading it. For example, you might start out by including news about the upcoming period. Some newsletters are monthly while others are quarterly. Either way, be sure it includes pertinent information about what is to come. You can then set aside a special section for blog posts and one for articles. Here you would summarize each of these items, thus providing links where readers can learn more.
  • Always send out the newsletter on time. If readers are expecting to see it they’ll most definitely notice if it doesn’t arrive. Set up a regular schedule because timeliness is of the is important.

Keep in mind some newsletters by necessity will be shorter than others. This is okay as long as the information they contain is valuable and useful to the customers. Sometimes a quick tip in your topic niche or for your sales team is all that it will take to make a sale or to provide motivation to the next level. When you provide valuable information to your email data base, it will pay off in sales or in a growing team. Learn more email marketing and newsletter tips at:


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