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Important Tips for a Better Site Design

Poor Site Desing Can Kill Your Business

Making money online is like a jigsaw puzzle. There are a lot of little pieces that have to be in place to achieve the desired result. You have to have a quality product in a hungry market, you have to have good sales copy to persuade people to make a purchase, you have to be able to get traffic to your website, and you have to have a well designed website to tie all of these things together and make money.

You could have the best product in the world with a ravenous market of people eager to buy what you’re selling as well as the ability to drive hordes of traffic to your offer but a poorly designed website can have a devastating effect on your conversion rate making your product and all of the traffic you receive virtually worthless. When someone finds your website it only takes a quick glance for someone to decide whether they want to keep reading. If you can’t grab their attention almost immediately they will look at the next website and buy something from your competitors.

If the graphics on your site look amateurish and poorly designed your potential customers have no reason to believe that the product you are offering will be worth buying. If you don’t put some effort into putting together a quality website anyone visiting your website would have reason to believe that you slapped your product together with the same lack of effort used in building your website.

In addition to using quality, professional looking graphics there are some simple things to keep in mind to enhance the overall design of your site. You’ll want to choose a color scheme that is not irritating or hard on the eyes. You want people to read your sales letter so make it easy for them to do so. If you put light text on a light background or dark text on a dark background it will be difficult to read and visitors to your site will not be bothered with it, they will simply move on.

You’ll also want to avoid making your website too wide. Many people are still on 800×600 pixel screens so you should keep the width of your site to 770 pixels or less. It is annoying to have to scroll from side to side to read the text on a screen and very few people will do it. If you want your message to be read make it easy for people to do so. It’s too easy to hit the back button and if people find your site annoying they will not waste their time looking at it.

A good design does not necessarily have to be a complicated one. Some people make the mistake of trying to be too flashy and employ too many special effects, animated graphics, pop-ups, etc. Keep the design simple and use the graphics on your site to help guide people to the important areas that you want them to focus on. Direct their attention to things like your headlines, bullet points, and opt in box. Don’t distract them with too many bells and whistles if you want them to read your message and buy your product.

A good site design with professional looking graphics can greatly increase your conversion rate and help you make more money. Learning to create a professional looking minisite to help you sell your e-books, videos, or any other product for that matter is not as difficult as you think. There are some great resources online that provide step by step instructions that will help you start turning out professional looking, highly converting minisites that will help you sell more products and make more money. You have to have all of the pieces of the puzzle to be as successful as he can be. A great product, a hungry market, the ability to get traffic, and a professional looking website to send that traffic to.

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