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Is Social Networking Different For Mommy Bloggers?

Women of all ages value social connection, emotional support, and validation from others. Mothers often especially desire to become friends with other mothers, connect with fellow moms who have children the same age as theirs, and feel a part of a caring community. Writing and reading mommy blogs helps mothers across the world to make contact with one another, learn from each other, and offer good advice and thoughtful encouragement. As you write your own mommy blog, you value the positive and honest feedback, questions and comments from other moms. Two-way relationships are developed as you write entries on your own mommy blog, read comments that other mothers make on your posts, and in turn read their blogs and make comments on their posts.

Blogging in general and mommy blogging in specific are excellent ways to build a strong network of friends and colleagues. “Social networking,” meeting and dialoguing with others on-line about various topics, has become very popular in recent years greatly due to websites including Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allows users to reconnect with former classmates from elementary school, high school and university, and stay in better contact with friends met through work, church, or leisure activities. Mommy bloggers are encouraged to set up a link to their blogs on their Facebook profile pages. Facebook is an especially popular tool for sharing photos and viewing family and friends’ photos. Although users are given space to write “Status Updates,” they are restricted to a limited number of words.

The social networking site Twitter has become immensely popular across the globe in the last several years. Twitter users, sometimes known as “tweeple,” write messages known as “tweets,” that are limited to 140 characters per message. Mommy bloggers are advised to begin a Twitter account to help promote their blog and allow other moms and dads to discover their existence in the blogging world. Each Twitter user has to select a special Twitter name for themselves, and mothers with blogs are encouraged to name your Twitter account after your blog’s name. For example, if your mommy blog is named “SmartMommy.com,” then you can select “SmartMommy” as your twitter name. Twitter is an excellent tool for getting in contact with other mommy bloggers. Hundreds if not thousands of mommy bloggers have twitter accounts, which they utilize to promote their blogs and develop their readership.

Although many mothers love using both Facebook and Twitter, mothers fond of writing, on-line journaling, and taking photos often prefer sharing their ideas and experiences with their friends and family through their own personal mommy blogs, where they have an unlimited amount of space to write posts and upload photos.

There are now several blogging networks that bloggers may join, some set up exclusively for women and mom bloggers. For those women interested in joining a blogging network, check out the very popular www.BlogHer.com. Thousands of women have joined the network, which allows women to list their blogs in a directory organized by themes, such as parenting, finances, and cooking. The network posts blog entries on a daily basis from a myriad of writers and editors. Members can message one another back and forth and design personalized profiles. Devoted bloggers can even consider attending BlogHer conferences to meet other bloggers in person.


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