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How to Sell To An Audience of Women

Home party consultants spend much of their time selling to large audiences of female clients. There are many direct sales tips on how to best sell to an audience of women, but there are a few tips that every consultant should always keep in mind. A good sales professional writes down the best direct sales tips and then alters them each time she learns something new. Women and men have different sales buttons that a good professional learns how to push.

Home Party Plan Consultant Make Eye Contact

Guys listen to words while women experience what you have to say. If you do not make eye contact with your female audience, then you will lose their trust. When making eye contact, it needs to be gradual contact. Avoid jumping from person to person. Your best approach is a slow sweeping look at your audience.

Know Your Party Company Products

Women want to know what a product is, how it can be used and even basic maintenance tips for it. Men base buying decisions more on visual stimuli, while women want to feel comfortable with the sales professional as well as the product. You need to know your product and you need to know more than just the basic uses for it. This is especially true for adult product consultants. Women can see what the product is for themselves. They want you to tell them what it is for.

Women Need Multiple Payment Options

Men prefer to use credit cards whenever possible. Women clients require a variety of payment methods to choose from in order to pay for products. When selling to an audience of women, it helps to be able to accept cash, multiple credit cards, debit cards and checks.

Women Look For Honesty

Men want what they want and they often do not care who they have to buy it from. It can take a few bad transactions before a man will purposely avoid a sales professional. Women have a low tolerance for incompetent and dishonest sales people. When you sell to an audience of women, always be honest and do not make promises that you cannot keep.

Men and women differ in many ways and that is extremely evident in the direct sales industry. When you are presenting products to an audience of women, you need to treat them differently than a room full of men.

When you put these direct sales business tips into your business you will create a consistent income year round. Learn more about party plan success systems that work for all companies.


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