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What Is A Mommy Blogger?

After two happy years of marriage, my husband and I were expecting our first born child; a baby boy! Being first-time parents, we were hoping to capture every precious moment of my pregnancy. We planned on taking lots of photographs of our baby son during the first few years of his life, and recording his special milestones for prosperity. My husband and I brainstormed ways that we could document my pregnancy and our baby’s childhood memories.

We discussed the possibility of us keeping a journal together. I have been journaling since I was six years old, so I liked the idea of us keeping a pregnancy journal and babyhood journal. But what would we do with the myriad of photographs that we planned to take? Should we keep them in photo albums? We both enjoy our photo albums from our childhood and our years together, but we were hoping for something a little more interactive.

We thought about a baby scrapbook. I have several dear friends who keep beautiful scrapbooks of their children and vacations with their family. Yet the idea of spending time cutting out papers and trimming photos with fancy-edged scissors and decorating pages with stickers and mementos didn’t fully appeal to me and my hubby.

We both invested some time in doing some research. We talked to trusted family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. A fellow teacher mentioned how much she and her husband enjoys learning and being entertained by what she called “mommy blogs.” She recommended that my husband and I seriously consider beginning our own “mommy blog.” My friend made a good point when she shared with me that creating my own blog would combine to of my favorite interests; writing and taking photographs.

The following weekend, my husband and I took time to Google “mommy blogs” and were pleasantly surprised by our results. We discovered some very humorous, very candid, and very educational mommy blogs. My teacher friend was correct; most quality blogs featuring both written entries accompanied by photographs of family members, friends, family pets and so on.

After doing research together, my supportive husband and I realized that the term “mommy blogger” describes any woman who writes and maintains a blog (short form of “web log”), who is a mother; either a pregnant mom-to-me like I was, or a mother of babies, young children, elementary school children or even teenagers. A mommy blogger writes on a regular basis about family-related topics, such as marriage, parenting, favorite family activities, favorite children’s books and toys, humorous antidotes about her children and marriage. I was eager to get started with my very own mommy blog and found the mommy blogger community to be extremely supportive when I needed help! Now I make a a part-time income online from learning so much from other bloggers and Internet Marketers.

So, do you want to be a mommy blogger?


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