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Why Are Mommy Blogs So Popular?

Life as a wife and mother is filled with many joys and blessings, but also comes with many hardships and challenges. It’s important for a woman’s emotional and mental health that she can develop a support network of trusted friends, family, co-workers and neighbours whom she can depend on when days are long and energy levels are low. Devoted husbands attempt to support their wives emotionally and relationally, taking their partnership with their wives as co-parents seriously, and nurturing their friendship with their wives as well. However, even the most loving and nurturing husband cannot meet all of his wife’s emotional and social needs.

Women were born to be connected to others, and require friendship and encouragement beyond their marriages. Some women are blessed with caring and loving mothers, cousins, aunts and grandmothers who circle around them and help them with raising their sons and daughters. Some women are thankful to have a network of thoughtful and inspiring friends, from work, church, and the neighborhood.

No matter how much support a mother receives from her husband, children, family and friends, most women long to connect with other mothers who can understand the pluses and minuses of motherhood, women who can laugh and cry along with them. Mommy blogs provide an ingenious solution to the innate need women have for connection and fellowship. Mothers from the world over can connect with other moms and learn from their stories by reading their mommy blogs.

Mommy bloggers are witty, creative, humorous and intelligent women with a special gift of putting their unique parenting and marriage experiences and lessons into words. Mommy bloggers share with their readership, often consisting of other mothers, tips for parenting, tips for family finances, tips for new moms, and other nuggets of advice on a daily or weekly basis. Mothers from various countries can connect with one another through their blogs. Many mommy bloggers welcome comments and feedback from other moms. Moms can become good friends through their blogs, sharing the highs and lows of parenting and marriage with one another.

Mommy blogs are popular with readers because they provide a constant source of entertainment and enlightenment. There is an old African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. Mommy blogs enable fellow mothers from around the world to gather around one another emotionally, dispense timely words of wisdom, share words of comfort, and help one another with the life-long responsibility of raising children.

Motherhood can be a lonely and discouraging place at times. Many women experience bouts of anxiety and depression throughout their pregnancies and during motherhood. Courageous mommy bloggers are not afraid to write about real issues that affect mothers, including postpartum depression, financial worries, and struggles with their husbands. A major cause of depression among women is social isolation, so connecting with other mothers through mommy blogs may help women feel more encouraged and less anxious.


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