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Home Party Plan Training – The Next Presentation

Preparing for The Next Home Party Presentation

Party Plan Team Sales Training Topic

The home party plan business is one of the most popular home-based opportunities and when proper attention is given to the presentation factor can be quite lucrative and a great team training topic. When you are providing sales training to your consultants the home show presentation should receive a lot of attention. This is what will actually make or break you on sales.

Your Party Plan Show Demonstration

Your party plan demonstration should always take a key role in your home party training meetings.

Some people may think the most difficult part of home party planning is accumulating guests at the parties. While this task can prove challenging at times, the real challenge comes when it is time to sell the products. Demonstrations work well for these types of parties because this allows the host to physically show the party guests what they have come to see in a manner that will convince them to make purchases. Providing your consultants with proper training on how to make the demonstrations will go a long way toward selling the products and will help greatly to grow your business.

5 Home Party Plan Demo Tips

There are five key points that should receive due consideration when delivering any successful party plan show presentation. These home party plan demo tips will make a huge difference in your show presentations.

  • The first is the speech. These are the actual words you speak, language you use and how you choose to communicate with your guests. Their decisions to buy or not to buy may hinge on this choice of words. Teach your consultants how to prepare a proper speech. It should always be written out ahead of time and as always, practice makes perfect. During training, ask everyone to write out a short presentation speech and practicing giving them to each other.
  • Body language is the second key to an effective presentation. This includes how you stand, what gestures you make and how well you connect with your audience. This too can be practiced along with the speech. The best time to make corrections or modifications is during training.
  • The third key to an effective presentation is equipment. In the home party planning business this would include the products you are demonstrating and any other props you may choose to use as audio visuals. Make sure to have these items on hand during training so your consultants may use them when practicing their presentations.
  • Environment is another important key to a good presentation. This involves lighting, the room where the presentation is held and any other factors that could affect the overall demonstration. Try to hold your training sessions in a similar environment to those where the party planning demonstrations will be held so your consultants will have a real idea of what to expect. Even though we do not always have control of the environment there are some things we can do to be more effective such as be sure not to stand in front of a window or mirror for the presentation. Another environmental issue you can control is to choose a presentation spot so that you have a solid wall behind you instead of a door or open area. These tips will make you a more powerful presenter.
  • Preparation is the final key to an effective presentation. The more your consultants practice their demonstrations the more prepared they will be when it comes time to actually give them. This means preparing every aspect of the presentation and making sure all the products are accounted for and easily accessible. Arranging them in the order they are needed is another great tip as it will move the presentation along more quickly and efficiently. Organization is the key to being prepared and will help your consultants when it is time to allow guests to physically try out each product.

Successful Home Party Plan Consultants

A successful home party plan consultant will always stick with their business so studying and teaching your sales team presentation techniques will insure that they make money and not quit. No one quits when they are making money.

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