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Home Party Bookings Game

Fun at Shows and More Bookings

Getting a steady stream of bookings is essential to the heath and wealth of your business. Without bookings, you won’t have any sales, and without sales, your business won’t make any money.

Bookings equal money; it’s as a simple as that!

The more shows you have, the more bookings you will usually receive. However, to pump up your business to a superstar level, you’ll want to get as many bookings as you can out of each show.

Everyone Wants Home Party Show Games

This seems to be the hottest topic with party plan consultants. Everyone wants party plan games…..

First things first: If you are playing games and NOT getting bookings then the game could be the problem!

Make Sure Your Business Game Is FUN!

home party plan business games Playing a fun home party game will get the crowd excited and motivated to buy products and book new parties.

Playing a game that is not fun and your business will suffer!!There are so many games to play that you should never run out of fresh ideas. A good home party game should be fun for the guests and should elicit conversation and laughter.

The more involvement you get, the more you will sell, recruit, and obtain new bookings. Remember, fun is the most important component of a good show. Fun will bring increased sales and bookings. Make sure the game is tons of fun!

Tips For Choosing a Home Party Game

Follow these quick tips when picking a game.

  • Fun and upbeat
  • Interactive
  • Easy to set up
  • Effective – gets you more sales and bookings (serves a purpose)

“What Is Your Score?” Show Game

One of the simplest and best games to play is called What’s Your Score?

It involves a series of questions designed to specifically elicit as many “yes” responses from the guests as you can.

Ultimately, you want all the guests to have similar scores at the end. When all the scores have been tallied, you then offer an extra 20 points for someone who purchases a product, and an extra 30 points for someone who books a show. You should have at least three good prizes to give away. The grand prize should be valuable enough to motivate people to book shows.

Funny questions will generate responses that cause spontaneous laughter and provoke plenty of saucy conversation. A wild party is a fun party and a fun party gets more sales and bookings.

Home Party Business Bookings

Home party bookings are essential to the success of your business. You should spend time researching new games and creating your own variations. Trial and error is the best way to see if a game works. If it works, keep it and create different variations. Use your imagination and be creative. Unique and creative games will help you make your shows fun.

Fun means more bookings and shows. More bookings and shows means more money! Get your free “Talking E-book chock full of FUN home party plan games.


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Home Party Business Shows Must Be FUN!

home party plan salesWhen the typical person starts a direct sales home party business, there is a very predictable pattern: They call all their friends, have a couple of get-togethers and sell some products. After a couple of parties, people are no longer showing up and no longer buying product and the person gives up.

Key To Party Plan Success = FUN!

The reason people fail so often in the home party plan business is that they forget the business model the entire industry was built on. In one word, that model was ‘fun’. Hosting fun events causes would-be customers to return and makes fellow team members feel more involved.

FUN Shows Keep People Returning

It really is the FUN that keeps people returning to the show. Traditional advertising says that your average consumer must be exposed to an advertising message 7 times before making the commitment to actually buy. You see this played out every day – If you watch 2 hours of television on one channel, think how many times you will see a certain commercial repeated over and over. Now, if someone does not enjoy your events and chooses not to return after 1 or 2 times, it’s clear that you never get to that magical 7 exposures. Yes, you’ll still make sales because the 7 exposures is an average (and let’s face it, some people will buy because they don’t want to look you in the eye otherwise).

These sales though, aren’t a viable business. Now, if you’re hosting interesting gatherings that people actually look forward to and invite friends as an entertaining run night out, imagine how much better sales will be as returning friends are exposed to the products over and over.

It Is A Party!

Too many people think of the gatherings as a “demo”. No one on the planet has ever been excited to see a demo. The easiest way to inject fun into this boring concept is to add a theme and make it a real party. If you sell cooking utensils, don’t just call people asking them to attend a demo, why not invite them to Tex/Mex party? Get them excited. Offer a prize for the person who brings the best recipe. A demo is a lot of people watching while one person tries to get them to buy something. Having them get involved in a theme, using the products and thinking how handy the products would be for their own lives changes the entire landscape of the event. Everyone wants to have fun. How about a margarita party? When you can get people to associate having a good time with whatever product you represent, your chances of success in the business go through the roof.

Consultants Make Home Shows Fun With Games

Many home party consultants like to play games at their shows. If you are and you are having trouble with bookings then consider the fact that maybe the games are not fun. Fun games will help with bookings. Download a FREE party plan e-book for fun home party games.


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Direct Sales Games The Secret To Show Success

Direct Sales Games

Direct sales games should make your home show fun. A direct selling home party must not be boring.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, when it comes to direct sales consultant success, the secret stems from transforming your show presentations into a party-like experience. After all, which would you rather attend: a boring product demonstration or an exciting product party? If you really hope to get ahead as a direct sales consultant, one of your best tactics is to design the type of direct sales experience you would want to attend, complete with engaging hosts (or hostesses), refreshments, captivating visuals and interactive games. While each of these elements is essential to your overall success, in this article, the focus will be on games to play at your home shows.

Brainstorming Home Show Games

While some home party plan games have been known to be in-depth and elaborate, some of the most engaging games are those that are simple. When you think about it, you don’t want to have to waste ten or fifteen minutes going over the rules and eating up time you could actually be selling your products. Instead, games should be simple, competitive, easy to grasp and quick to start and to finish. Word jumbles (where the words all relate to your product or company), mazes, stories and scavenger hunts are all examples that are easy, competitive and have the potential to become truly exciting experiences for your participants.

Direct Selling Prizes

Whether you decide that your direct selling game will be scavenger hunt related or connected to a worksheet or other printed materials, games don’t really get people actively involved and excited about your company unless there are prizes to be won. However, prize selection should be carefully considered. First of all, you should never offer a prize to participants that isn’t from your product line. Don’t head out to a dollar store to pick up cheap giveaways. Always keep the focus on your company’s product lines. Second, keep your prizes in an appropriate price range. If you’re throwing a massive product party, you may want to offer one really big prize. However, this is usually done as a raffle or a similar venue, where participants first pay for tickets in order to win. Not only does this increase the perceived value of the product prize, it also helps you recuperate the cost of goods awarded. Otherwise, party games should have small prizes at the lower end of the pricing range.

Direct Sales Games With Value

With these simple tips and tactics, you should be able to enjoy greater success with games at your next direct sales event. When games bring value to your guests, your host and to you the consultant, then you will have a great show. Learn more home party plan games that bring value to your show: www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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