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Have Great Home Party Business Shows!

No one wants to slave away over the planning and preparation of a great party for their products only to have a mediocre attendance once you arrive. Fortunately, with a little homework and effort on your part, you can virtually guarantee that your next party event will be a raving success. The secret is to find a way to climb inside of the minds of your potential party attendees and learn what it takes to maximize every moment, from the moment they arrive until the party is over and no one wants to leave!

Be Selective Picking Party Hosts

Good consultants qualify the host or hostess. Everyone is not a good host. Make sure that you pick good hosts that are willing to collaborate with you and participate in host coaching sessions. If they do not want to put any effort into the show, then chances are they show will not be worth your time.

No matter how amazing your products or parties, a great deal of your success or failure at a party lies squarely in the lap of your host. That’s why you should invest a portion of your time instructing potential hosts about their responsibilities and clever ways that they can entertain and attract fresh faces and other potential hosts. This means that you should take the time out to educate your potential hostesses on their potential rewards and benefits with plenty of time before the actual date of the event. The more they know, the more motivated they will be to give and be their all. Additionally, consider creating a brief “training manual” that suggests games, events, raffles, door prizes and other topics that increase the entertainment value of the actual party event. With a little inspiration, you’d be amazed at how quickly each hostess or host will come up with creative innovations and ways to get their bookings full to capacity.

Party Plan Business Consultants Must Study

As a party plan business consultant, make it a Point to Attend a NUMBER of Different Parties. Just as writers are encouraged to spend a lot of time reading in order to perfect their craft, as a party or event planner, you should make it a point to attend a number of different parties and similar events as a source of inspiration and motivation. If you sell Pampered Chef then visit Tastefully Simple parties. If you sell Avon, go to Tupperware parties. Diversity is the key.

Finally, never forget how important visibility is to your success. Always be promoting!



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