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How To Handle an Inattentive Home Party Audience

You may have heard the phrase, Keep it Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.). It is a strategy for making things as simple as possible in all types of environments and settings.

It is especially effective in the home party business. I don’t like to call you, myself or anyone for that matter so , for me that means “Keep It Simple Silly”!

Learning powerful party plan presentation techniques will allow consultants to KISS and enjoy the party more!

By keeping things simple, you prevent guests from experiencing temporary attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder is definitely not good for sales. However, there is a companion strategy that may also be effective in maintaining audience attention. This strategy is called Keep it Stimulating Silly (K.I.S.S.).

Keep it stimulating silly works in every type of setting where there is a speaker and an audience. No one wants to listen to a public speaker who is boring, dull, monotone and repetitive. The best speakers can engage the audience with witty lines, humor, insight and important information. Keeping guests tuned in to your party demonstrations and presentations is one of the most crucial elements for hosting successful and profitable parties. If the guests are not paying attention, they certainly will not be opening their checkbooks and taking out their credit cards to buy.

Home Party Plan Presentation = KISS

How do you Keep it Stimulating Silly? There are a few important keys to keeping a presentation stimulating and interesting.

  • Plan ahead. It is not necessary to write down every word you are going to say. However, it is vital that you have a simple outline of your presentation and that you spend some time practicing and perfecting it.
  • Create short descriptions and presentations for each product in your product line. Even if you think the product is the greatest thing since sliced bread, a long-winded description is not needed. Keeping your descriptions and presentations brief and concise moves the party along and keeps the guests engaged.
  • All the games you use at parties should be engaging and easy to understand. Having complicated instructions is a sure way to lose your audience and evoke feelings of boredom and restlessness. Games should provoke laughter and ensure that all members of the audience are involved and having fun.
  • Limit the number of products in each demonstration: Even if you have an extensive product line, there is no need to present all of the items. Keeping each demonstration short and limiting the number of products presented will prevent rampant boredom in your audience.

Home Party Plan Show Training

Learning powerful party plan presentation techniques will allow you to KISS and enjoy the party more!

Most new party plan consultants put a good bit of time into studying their home party products but forget to study presentation techniques for there home show. They often do not get involved in any actual presentation training.


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Home Party Bookings Game

Fun at Shows and More Bookings

Getting a steady stream of bookings is essential to the heath and wealth of your business. Without bookings, you won’t have any sales, and without sales, your business won’t make any money.

Bookings equal money; it’s as a simple as that!

The more shows you have, the more bookings you will usually receive. However, to pump up your business to a superstar level, you’ll want to get as many bookings as you can out of each show.

Everyone Wants Home Party Show Games

This seems to be the hottest topic with party plan consultants. Everyone wants party plan games…..

First things first: If you are playing games and NOT getting bookings then the game could be the problem!

Make Sure Your Business Game Is FUN!

home party plan business games Playing a fun home party game will get the crowd excited and motivated to buy products and book new parties.

Playing a game that is not fun and your business will suffer!!There are so many games to play that you should never run out of fresh ideas. A good home party game should be fun for the guests and should elicit conversation and laughter.

The more involvement you get, the more you will sell, recruit, and obtain new bookings. Remember, fun is the most important component of a good show. Fun will bring increased sales and bookings. Make sure the game is tons of fun!

Tips For Choosing a Home Party Game

Follow these quick tips when picking a game.

  • Fun and upbeat
  • Interactive
  • Easy to set up
  • Effective – gets you more sales and bookings (serves a purpose)

“What Is Your Score?” Show Game

One of the simplest and best games to play is called What’s Your Score?

It involves a series of questions designed to specifically elicit as many “yes” responses from the guests as you can.

Ultimately, you want all the guests to have similar scores at the end. When all the scores have been tallied, you then offer an extra 20 points for someone who purchases a product, and an extra 30 points for someone who books a show. You should have at least three good prizes to give away. The grand prize should be valuable enough to motivate people to book shows.

Funny questions will generate responses that cause spontaneous laughter and provoke plenty of saucy conversation. A wild party is a fun party and a fun party gets more sales and bookings.

Home Party Business Bookings

Home party bookings are essential to the success of your business. You should spend time researching new games and creating your own variations. Trial and error is the best way to see if a game works. If it works, keep it and create different variations. Use your imagination and be creative. Unique and creative games will help you make your shows fun.

Fun means more bookings and shows. More bookings and shows means more money! Get your free “Talking E-book chock full of FUN home party plan games.


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How to Sell To An Audience of Women

Home party consultants spend much of their time selling to large audiences of female clients. There are many direct sales tips on how to best sell to an audience of women, but there are a few tips that every consultant should always keep in mind. A good sales professional writes down the best direct sales tips and then alters them each time she learns something new. Women and men have different sales buttons that a good professional learns how to push.

Home Party Plan Consultant Make Eye Contact

Guys listen to words while women experience what you have to say. If you do not make eye contact with your female audience, then you will lose their trust. When making eye contact, it needs to be gradual contact. Avoid jumping from person to person. Your best approach is a slow sweeping look at your audience.

Know Your Party Company Products

Women want to know what a product is, how it can be used and even basic maintenance tips for it. Men base buying decisions more on visual stimuli, while women want to feel comfortable with the sales professional as well as the product. You need to know your product and you need to know more than just the basic uses for it. This is especially true for adult product consultants. Women can see what the product is for themselves. They want you to tell them what it is for.

Women Need Multiple Payment Options

Men prefer to use credit cards whenever possible. Women clients require a variety of payment methods to choose from in order to pay for products. When selling to an audience of women, it helps to be able to accept cash, multiple credit cards, debit cards and checks.

Women Look For Honesty

Men want what they want and they often do not care who they have to buy it from. It can take a few bad transactions before a man will purposely avoid a sales professional. Women have a low tolerance for incompetent and dishonest sales people. When you sell to an audience of women, always be honest and do not make promises that you cannot keep.

Men and women differ in many ways and that is extremely evident in the direct sales industry. When you are presenting products to an audience of women, you need to treat them differently than a room full of men.

When you put these direct sales business tips into your business you will create a consistent income year round. Learn more about party plan success systems that work for all companies.


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Home Party Plan Can Be The Best Job You Ever Had

There is an old saying that hard work is always rewarded. If you are one of those people who believes in this motto, then you are the perfect kind of person to get into a home party plan business doing party consulting.

Home Party Plan Ideal Business

direct sales radioThere are several reasons why home party plan consulting is the ideal career for the aggressive and ambitious entrepreneur, and the best part is that you can learn as you go along.

Home Party Plan Won’t Waste Your Talents

When you look for a job, you do not always find a job in the field that you want to work in. You may want to do customer service but wind up working the reception desk. When you work your own home party plan business, you can put all of your talents to work. You are the one who decides what kind of business you will run and you are the one who determines how your talents will be utilized.

Keep The Sales Profits for Yourself

When you work for a company, you are getting a salary that is a very small portion of the company profits. As a party consultant, you keep the company profits and decide how much gets invested back into the company and how much you keep for yourself. You get to keep every penny that you earn and you decide where the money goes as opposed to someone else deciding it for you.

Make as Much as You Want

Let’s say that you are sitting at your kitchen table and you decide that you want to make $1,000 more this month. If you have a salaried job, do you think that extra money would be possible? You would probably have to get a part-time job and put in more hours working for someone else. When you are your own boss as a party consultant, all you need to do to make more money is schedule more events and work a little harder. The amount of income you make is up to you.

Your time should be your own to decide when you want to work and how hard you want to work. You should also be the person who decides how your talents are used and how the profit you generate gets used.

When you decide to become a home party plan consultant, you make all of the decisions and you are the only person who profits from your hard work.


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FaceBook For Home Party Plan

Social Media to Promote Party Plan Business

The party plan industry seems to have slow adopters of the social media for generating leads.

Follow Deb On Facebook

"Like" Deb!

The invention of social media has resulted in an incredibly large and ever growing online community. Thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, access to potential clients has become easier. There is a wealth of opportunity that sits on the other side of your computer screen and once you have identified who your target market is, social media can be a gold mine. Facebook currently has over 500 million active users and over 50% of those active users log on to their Facebook accounts at least once per day. Some analysts have estimated that the average users collectively spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Local Leads For Party Plan

Your home party plan business has become easier but it is important that you maximize your accessibility and find leads by using Facebook to market your business in as many ways as possible. The following are the top ways to promote your business on the social media giant and still grow a local business.

  1. Use your Facebook profile- Creating your user profile is the first step in the process and having a profile is required if you want to create a group or page. It is important to be as thorough as possible when completing your profile but be careful not to reveal too much personal information. It is wise to include your website URL in as many locations on your profile as possible. Once your profile is complete, you can begin the task of adding friends each day. Currently, there is a limit of 5,000 friends and you can have up to 1000 friends on each list. This is a great feature because you may have one list for family and one for clients. You can also create lists for local clients and others for those farther away.
  2. Create a Facebook group- Groups are a great place to discuss topics of your choice. Groups can be specific for your niche or for your local market. You can perhaps choose a product that you would like to feature and discuss the benefits and uses of the product to draw interest. These groups can act as mini-forums and you will have an automatic audience for your home party plan business.
  3. Create a Facebook Page- Facebook pages were designed with businesses in mind and they have similar features to the groups that can be created. This is where you market your party plan business. There are additional key features that may make pages a better option for you. The main benefit of a Facebook page is that it is indexed by Google and is available even for non-Facebook members to see. When you create your business page, be sure you become familiar with created SEO friendly text.
  4. Utilize Facebook Ads- Facebook ads are an excellent way to increase exposure of your business. You have the ability to target your users by age, location, gender and interests. An added benefit is that you have the option of advertising your external webpage or your Facebook page.

Market Your Business Online

Everyone in party plan should take advantage of every opportunity to market their business. Online marketing should be one more part of your plan. If you are not a member of Facebook, join today and start working on creating a solid clientele by using Facebook promotion! Learn more about how to drive traffic to your party plan website using social media.


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Home Party Business Shows Must Be FUN!

home party plan salesWhen the typical person starts a direct sales home party business, there is a very predictable pattern: They call all their friends, have a couple of get-togethers and sell some products. After a couple of parties, people are no longer showing up and no longer buying product and the person gives up.

Key To Party Plan Success = FUN!

The reason people fail so often in the home party plan business is that they forget the business model the entire industry was built on. In one word, that model was ‘fun’. Hosting fun events causes would-be customers to return and makes fellow team members feel more involved.

FUN Shows Keep People Returning

It really is the FUN that keeps people returning to the show. Traditional advertising says that your average consumer must be exposed to an advertising message 7 times before making the commitment to actually buy. You see this played out every day – If you watch 2 hours of television on one channel, think how many times you will see a certain commercial repeated over and over. Now, if someone does not enjoy your events and chooses not to return after 1 or 2 times, it’s clear that you never get to that magical 7 exposures. Yes, you’ll still make sales because the 7 exposures is an average (and let’s face it, some people will buy because they don’t want to look you in the eye otherwise).

These sales though, aren’t a viable business. Now, if you’re hosting interesting gatherings that people actually look forward to and invite friends as an entertaining run night out, imagine how much better sales will be as returning friends are exposed to the products over and over.

It Is A Party!

Too many people think of the gatherings as a “demo”. No one on the planet has ever been excited to see a demo. The easiest way to inject fun into this boring concept is to add a theme and make it a real party. If you sell cooking utensils, don’t just call people asking them to attend a demo, why not invite them to Tex/Mex party? Get them excited. Offer a prize for the person who brings the best recipe. A demo is a lot of people watching while one person tries to get them to buy something. Having them get involved in a theme, using the products and thinking how handy the products would be for their own lives changes the entire landscape of the event. Everyone wants to have fun. How about a margarita party? When you can get people to associate having a good time with whatever product you represent, your chances of success in the business go through the roof.

Consultants Make Home Shows Fun With Games

Many home party consultants like to play games at their shows. If you are and you are having trouble with bookings then consider the fact that maybe the games are not fun. Fun games will help with bookings. Download a FREE party plan e-book for fun home party games.


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Have Great Home Party Business Shows!

No one wants to slave away over the planning and preparation of a great party for their products only to have a mediocre attendance once you arrive. Fortunately, with a little homework and effort on your part, you can virtually guarantee that your next party event will be a raving success. The secret is to find a way to climb inside of the minds of your potential party attendees and learn what it takes to maximize every moment, from the moment they arrive until the party is over and no one wants to leave!

Be Selective Picking Party Hosts

Good consultants qualify the host or hostess. Everyone is not a good host. Make sure that you pick good hosts that are willing to collaborate with you and participate in host coaching sessions. If they do not want to put any effort into the show, then chances are they show will not be worth your time.

No matter how amazing your products or parties, a great deal of your success or failure at a party lies squarely in the lap of your host. That’s why you should invest a portion of your time instructing potential hosts about their responsibilities and clever ways that they can entertain and attract fresh faces and other potential hosts. This means that you should take the time out to educate your potential hostesses on their potential rewards and benefits with plenty of time before the actual date of the event. The more they know, the more motivated they will be to give and be their all. Additionally, consider creating a brief “training manual” that suggests games, events, raffles, door prizes and other topics that increase the entertainment value of the actual party event. With a little inspiration, you’d be amazed at how quickly each hostess or host will come up with creative innovations and ways to get their bookings full to capacity.

Party Plan Business Consultants Must Study

As a party plan business consultant, make it a Point to Attend a NUMBER of Different Parties. Just as writers are encouraged to spend a lot of time reading in order to perfect their craft, as a party or event planner, you should make it a point to attend a number of different parties and similar events as a source of inspiration and motivation. If you sell Pampered Chef then visit Tastefully Simple parties. If you sell Avon, go to Tupperware parties. Diversity is the key.

Finally, never forget how important visibility is to your success. Always be promoting!



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Home Party Plan Show Themes To Fit Your Style

Home Party Plan Themes Mean More Fun

FUN is the most important part of every home party. Home party themes do not have to be complicated. When you incorporate simple themes into your home party you, your hosts, and guest will have more fun. More fun means more sales and bookings.

When you host or sponsor a home party, you will be met with various personality types. Each host will possess different personality traits that will affect what themes are used for planning the parties. Choosing the right theme is easy if you know how to do it.

Before making any suggestions, you must first consider the personality of the individual holding the party. If the host is particularly creative, you might consider suggesting a theme that requires him or her to make decorations. Holiday parties are great examples of this. Your host might enjoy decorating to fit the theme and if so, allow him or her to be creative.

Before deciding on a theme you will also want to take into consideration the products being sold. For example, if you are selling Tupperware, a cooking theme might work very well. This, however, would not work for an Avon party because the product would not fit the theme.

Likewise, if a majority of the guests have children, consider coming up with a theme that includes the kids. You might also plan a party centered around moms whereby mothers and adult sons or daughters would be invited.

Other themes can be centered around particular seasons of the year such as winter or summer. These parties can actually be held outside the home on a patio or deck. Again, it really all depends on what type of products you are selling, but there really isn’t a whole lot that doesn’t go with a season in one way or another.

You can also host a party just for moms and their kids. This works well for products where the product line is just for children or are more kid friendly. This gives the kids an opportunity to shop and makes the entire process a lot of fun. This also gives the moms a chance to peruse through the catalogs to find products for themselves.

Party Plan Ideas For Bookings

When you incorporate simple themes into your home party you, your hosts, and your guests will have more fun. More fun means more sales and bookings. Learn more about party plan tips and ideas so that you book more shows at your next home party by visiting:www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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Home Party Plan Business – Follow Up

So now you’ve had your party and made your show presentation. Your guests saw the products and expressed interest in purchasing them. It is time to begin the follow up process. This is just as important as the sales, bookings and recruiting, because it is what will turn your first-time customers into devoted ones who return again and again. It is your responsibility as the sales consultant to take charge of the follow up.

5 Party Plan Tips

When taking any orders, make sure all contact information is correct. This will be essential when registering preferred customers into the system and sending them information in the future. Verify the information the customer wrote on the form before leaving the party. That way you won’t have to place a follow up phone call to ask why the e-mail you sent keeps coming back to you.

Let your customer know when their order was placed, and when it is scheduled to arrive. Though you may not know an exact date and won’t be able to plan specifically for delays, the contact will let the customer know you are interested in their satisfaction.

Once the order arrives, make sure it is delivered in a timely manner. Contact the customer to let her or him know it is, in and ask when the best time would be for delivery. This is very important because it shows once again you are truly interested in the customer. It can also mean the difference between keeping the customer and losing him or her to someone else.

Leave a catalog with your customers when you deliver their orders. This will give them something to look at and may even result in another purchase being made on sight. Show them the new specials and make sure they know all the benefits they can receive from buying them. Remember, an interested customer is a returning customer and your success depends heavily upon this.

Many hostesses have a tendency to not get the products delivered in a timely manner to the guests. It is up to you the sales consultant to insure that the after show follow up is done on a timely manner.

Home Party Plan Bookings

Basic follow up is key to future sales. When you put a system into place that ensures good follow up after the show, you will have more future sales and repeat bookings. Learn more home party plan tips and find more bookings at: http://www.createacashflowshow.com


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Home Party Plan Training – The Next Presentation

Preparing for The Next Home Party Presentation

Party Plan Team Sales Training Topic

The home party plan business is one of the most popular home-based opportunities and when proper attention is given to the presentation factor can be quite lucrative and a great team training topic. When you are providing sales training to your consultants the home show presentation should receive a lot of attention. This is what will actually make or break you on sales.

Your Party Plan Show Demonstration

Your party plan demonstration should always take a key role in your home party training meetings.

Some people may think the most difficult part of home party planning is accumulating guests at the parties. While this task can prove challenging at times, the real challenge comes when it is time to sell the products. Demonstrations work well for these types of parties because this allows the host to physically show the party guests what they have come to see in a manner that will convince them to make purchases. Providing your consultants with proper training on how to make the demonstrations will go a long way toward selling the products and will help greatly to grow your business.

5 Home Party Plan Demo Tips

There are five key points that should receive due consideration when delivering any successful party plan show presentation. These home party plan demo tips will make a huge difference in your show presentations.

  • The first is the speech. These are the actual words you speak, language you use and how you choose to communicate with your guests. Their decisions to buy or not to buy may hinge on this choice of words. Teach your consultants how to prepare a proper speech. It should always be written out ahead of time and as always, practice makes perfect. During training, ask everyone to write out a short presentation speech and practicing giving them to each other.
  • Body language is the second key to an effective presentation. This includes how you stand, what gestures you make and how well you connect with your audience. This too can be practiced along with the speech. The best time to make corrections or modifications is during training.
  • The third key to an effective presentation is equipment. In the home party planning business this would include the products you are demonstrating and any other props you may choose to use as audio visuals. Make sure to have these items on hand during training so your consultants may use them when practicing their presentations.
  • Environment is another important key to a good presentation. This involves lighting, the room where the presentation is held and any other factors that could affect the overall demonstration. Try to hold your training sessions in a similar environment to those where the party planning demonstrations will be held so your consultants will have a real idea of what to expect. Even though we do not always have control of the environment there are some things we can do to be more effective such as be sure not to stand in front of a window or mirror for the presentation. Another environmental issue you can control is to choose a presentation spot so that you have a solid wall behind you instead of a door or open area. These tips will make you a more powerful presenter.
  • Preparation is the final key to an effective presentation. The more your consultants practice their demonstrations the more prepared they will be when it comes time to actually give them. This means preparing every aspect of the presentation and making sure all the products are accounted for and easily accessible. Arranging them in the order they are needed is another great tip as it will move the presentation along more quickly and efficiently. Organization is the key to being prepared and will help your consultants when it is time to allow guests to physically try out each product.

Successful Home Party Plan Consultants

A successful home party plan consultant will always stick with their business so studying and teaching your sales team presentation techniques will insure that they make money and not quit. No one quits when they are making money.

Learn more party plan tips that will improve team retention and grow your team at www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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