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Creative Ways To Find Home Party Bookings

Today, there are so many home party plan companies and so many women competing for bookings for those companies. This can make it seem more difficult to succeed than it really is.

Many people rely on calling every friend or relative and then hit a marketing wall once they’ve tried everyone they know. Some people who would love to build a home party business never even try because they don’t think they have a wide enough circle of friends. There are so many who start out excited and optimistic, then give up quickly, feeling discouraged and disappointed. However, with a little creativity and thought, even those without a large circle of friends can make a success of their home party plan business.

Home Party Booking Themes

Creative themes always help with bookings. Home parties don’t have to be plain, old “come-look-at-my-catalog” affairs. How about thUser triggered, less intrusive that won’t distract from your site’s content rowing a Christmas cookie-baking party for your daughter’s Brownie troop moms? Everyone can bring a different cookie recipe, learn about your products and shop while they bake and then take home a selection of each cookie to give as gifts or serve at their holiday gatherings.

Selling 31 Gifts? Invite your Bible study group to an afternoon tea party. Tupperware? Invite your Mommy & Me group to bring their toddlers to a water fun party in the backyard. You can showcase Tupperware toys and enjoy picnic fare while the kids get wet and happy. Of course, it’s important to be upfront about the fact that you’ll be showing your product, but adding some value to the gathering will give your guests a reason to come even if they don’t think they want to buy.

Home Party Business Marketing

It does not matter what your product line is there is a theme to fit your products that will add value to your guests and hosts.A very good exercise for any home party plan entrepreneur is to spend some time identifying who your market is and then identifying what is important to the people in that market. If you’ve decided that young career women are your target, what else is important to them? Fast and easy meals, getting fit, networking and life balance come to mind. What kinds of parties and activities can you plan that will address those needs?

Get creative, think outside the ideas in your business materials and soon you’ll have a host of new ways to market your business!



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Home Party Plan Show Themes To Fit Your Style

Home Party Plan Themes Mean More Fun

FUN is the most important part of every home party. Home party themes do not have to be complicated. When you incorporate simple themes into your home party you, your hosts, and guest will have more fun. More fun means more sales and bookings.

When you host or sponsor a home party, you will be met with various personality types. Each host will possess different personality traits that will affect what themes are used for planning the parties. Choosing the right theme is easy if you know how to do it.

Before making any suggestions, you must first consider the personality of the individual holding the party. If the host is particularly creative, you might consider suggesting a theme that requires him or her to make decorations. Holiday parties are great examples of this. Your host might enjoy decorating to fit the theme and if so, allow him or her to be creative.

Before deciding on a theme you will also want to take into consideration the products being sold. For example, if you are selling Tupperware, a cooking theme might work very well. This, however, would not work for an Avon party because the product would not fit the theme.

Likewise, if a majority of the guests have children, consider coming up with a theme that includes the kids. You might also plan a party centered around moms whereby mothers and adult sons or daughters would be invited.

Other themes can be centered around particular seasons of the year such as winter or summer. These parties can actually be held outside the home on a patio or deck. Again, it really all depends on what type of products you are selling, but there really isn’t a whole lot that doesn’t go with a season in one way or another.

You can also host a party just for moms and their kids. This works well for products where the product line is just for children or are more kid friendly. This gives the kids an opportunity to shop and makes the entire process a lot of fun. This also gives the moms a chance to peruse through the catalogs to find products for themselves.

Party Plan Ideas For Bookings

When you incorporate simple themes into your home party you, your hosts, and your guests will have more fun. More fun means more sales and bookings. Learn more about party plan tips and ideas so that you book more shows at your next home party by visiting:www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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Blogging For Home Party Plan

A home party plan business can benefit from blogging if your company allows it. You can blog about your products, your opportunity and your services. It is a good place for your home party show guests to visit to learn more about you. You could have a category on your blog for recruiting, products and also for show and party information.

Blog To Market Home Party Plan Business

When it comes to any type of business, marketing is the key to success. Home party plan is no exception. If it wasn’t for marketing and advertising many people would not be aware businesses even existed. Blogging has become a very popular way of advertising online. Even if a part of your business is operated off line, a blog can still be one of the most effective and powerful advertising and promotional tools you have at your disposal.

Perhaps the best aspect of blogging is that it is for the most part free. While some services charge subscription fees, most blogging sites offer the service free of charge. You can also place a blog on your own official site or on the various social media sites you frequent.

Using a blog to advertise a particular home party plan event is really quite easy. About two weeks before the event, blog about it. Describe what it is and when and where it will be held. As the time draws nearer, add information about it. Use this opportunity to talk about past events that were similar in nature. This will give your readers a good understanding of what they can expect.

As the time draws near, include information about the products you will be demonstrating and selling. Don’t give away all the information, instead think of this as your chance to run a few teasers. Here you talk about the product briefly without giving away too much information. The idea is to give your readers something to wonder about which will make them want to attend your event.

When the event is almost upon you, post specific information such as the address of where it will take place. If you feel uncomfortable doing this over the Internet, urge your readers to e-mail you for directions. You can even create an e-mail address through a free account for this purpose if you are worried about spammers.

A blog is an awesome way to market your home party plan business. Every good party plan rep should blog about their business online if the company policy allows it. Using every resource available for marketing your home party business will insure you always have a full calender. Learn 41 ways to find bookings for business by visiting: www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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