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Online Freelance Career

Take Your Online Freelance Career To The Next Level

As a freelance you are your own boss. You find your own work, complete it, track it, manage yourself, market yourself, and essentially run your own business. There is no commitment to any one employer when you are performing freelance work. Generally as a freelance you as not associated as an employee with any company, you usually perform your work as an independent contractor and manage your own taxes. Prioritizing your schedule is very important. If you are working on multiple projects at once you will need to prioritize which deadlines come first, and which projects are the most labor intensive.

While freelance writing is difficult work and quite competitive depending on your market segment, you can absolutely succeed as long as you are tenacious and don’t give up. When it comes to making money as a freelance writer, you want to focus on established companies with a larger readership base as well as projects that offer competitive pricing, so that you are able to secure the highest paying projects that will help you boost your overall income.

Ready to take your online freelance career to the next level?

Join as many freelance sites as possible to give yourself access to the larges number of potential clients. The first step upon registering is to create a detailed and complete profile. Creating a profile is how you advertise yourself on freelance sites. Include your skills and qualifications and past experience as a writer. If allowed, include a link to your website. Include a picture, as it’s a proven fact that freelancers who upload a picture onto their profile get more projects than those without them. Your profile can also contain past projects you have completed through the site as well as ratings from past clients so it is important to do your best to keep clients happy as a bad rating can damage your chances of winning bids on that site. You have no control over this section usually and so potential clients can see the good as well as the bad ratings and comments.

Each writing site works in a different way and has a slightly different way of operating some make money by charging you a % of the fee you are paid when you win and complete a project through the site, others have membership fees though none of the sites I mention have compulsory fee membership i.e. they are free to join but you are limited to the number of bids you can place, membership gives unlimited bidding and or other advantages. Others charge to contact the client or bid on a project.

I recommend testing out a site thoroughly before signing up for any membership deals and initially signing up for the shortest time possible so if things don’t work out you haven’t spent a large amount of money. Once you have a good idea of the level of income a site can provide and have been registered for a few months you might want to sign up for longer to take advantages the benefits it affords.

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How Mom Bloggers Can Make Money Online As A Freelance Writer

On a daily basis, mom bloggers spend a fair amount of time researching and writing new blog posts. But did you know that a mom can also make some money online as freelance writer? It’s true! Here are three tips that virtually any mom who is already active as a blogger can use to make money as a freelancer:

1) Leverage Your Experience As A Blogger To Attract Clients

Try to think about things from the perspective of a potential client for a moment. Wouldn’t you feel significantly more comfortable dealing with someone who was an experienced writer? Probably. Anyone who maintains a frequently updated blog is going to be viewed in a different light than someone who merely claims to be a writer but who lacks any meaningful platform through which their writing can be seen. Leverage your experience as a blogger to attract clients — it will help you stand out.

2) Provide Links To Your Various Blogs As Social Proof Of Your Writing Skills

Potential clients are usually going to want to see samples of your writing. Impress your prospective clients by providing them with links to your various blogs. This will trigger a subconscious belief in the mind of the potential client that you’re a highly respected “published” author with an active audience. It’s incredible social proof of your writing skills.

3) Focus On Accepting Freelance Writing Assignments That Compliment Your Schedule

As a mother and a blogger, you already have a lot to deal with. The last thing you want to do is create a freelance writing business that diminishes the focus you have on your core responsibilities of motherhood and blogging. That’s why it’s so important to only accept freelance writing assignments that compliment your schedule. You may have someone approach you to do a project that will require 20 hours per week of your time. That’s not likely to be compatible with your existing schedule, and accepting a writing assignment of that nature will do nothing but stress you out.

In short, the secret to making money as a freelance writer is to leverage your blogging activities to help you find writing assignments that compliment what you’re already doing. Don’t be surprised if you increase your income by 20% to 30% as a result of becoming a freelance writer!


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