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9 Ideas To Help You Make Money As A Mommy Blogger

Ideas for Making Money as a Mommy Blogger

(1) Build your readership. Join blogging communities. Send a link to your blog to all your friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances.

(2) Build traffic to your blog. “Web traffic” means getting internet users to read your blog and return to your blog. Increased “traffic” means more readers are visiting your blog.

(3) Build traffic to your mommy blog by posting entries on a regular basis; every day, several times a week, or at least once a week.

(4) Increase traffic to your mommy blog by visiting and commenting on other mommy blogs that you find to be entertaining and educational. Mothers and bloggers who read the other mommy blogs will be able to read your comments and find out about you and hopefully visit your blog, too.

(5) If you are a member of a “forum,” an internet discussion group, usually focused around a special theme or topic such as parenting or internet marketing, then place a link to your mommy blog when you write comments or posts on the forum.

(6) Add a statistics counter to your blog that will enable you to discover how much web traffic you are receiving and where it is being generated from. This tool will aid you in figuring out the success you are experiencing at promoting your blog in various ways.

(7) Set up a Twitter account for yourself and your mommy blog. Name your Twitter account the same name as your blog if possible. Include a link to your website on your Twitter profile page. Building a community of followers on Twitter will generate more traffic to your mommy blog and will increase your blog’s popularity and credibility.

(8) The most effective and often the easiest way to generate income from your mommy blog is to sell advertisements on your website. Companies like Google AdSense can help you by placing advertisements on your blog. You will collect a small fee every time one of your readers clicks on an ad.

(9) Another way to make money from your mommy blog is to register with Amazon Associates, which allows you to design special links for recommended books and products on your website. Every time one of your readers accesses Amazon through your blog to purchase products, you will receive a portion or commission of the sale. When deciding on what Amazon products to promote on your blog, make sure that you identify products that match the content on your site. For example, some book-loving moms write blog posts about their son or daughter’s favorite children’s literature. Create a link to accompany your post that takes interested readers to purchase the very book that you are recommending. Review reports of your product orders to discover what products your readers purchase after visiting your blog. Think about promoting products that are popular with your readers on your blog.


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