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Home Party Plan Business – Follow Up

So now you’ve had your party and made your show presentation. Your guests saw the products and expressed interest in purchasing them. It is time to begin the follow up process. This is just as important as the sales, bookings and recruiting, because it is what will turn your first-time customers into devoted ones who return again and again. It is your responsibility as the sales consultant to take charge of the follow up.

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When taking any orders, make sure all contact information is correct. This will be essential when registering preferred customers into the system and sending them information in the future. Verify the information the customer wrote on the form before leaving the party. That way you won’t have to place a follow up phone call to ask why the e-mail you sent keeps coming back to you.

Let your customer know when their order was placed, and when it is scheduled to arrive. Though you may not know an exact date and won’t be able to plan specifically for delays, the contact will let the customer know you are interested in their satisfaction.

Once the order arrives, make sure it is delivered in a timely manner. Contact the customer to let her or him know it is, in and ask when the best time would be for delivery. This is very important because it shows once again you are truly interested in the customer. It can also mean the difference between keeping the customer and losing him or her to someone else.

Leave a catalog with your customers when you deliver their orders. This will give them something to look at and may even result in another purchase being made on sight. Show them the new specials and make sure they know all the benefits they can receive from buying them. Remember, an interested customer is a returning customer and your success depends heavily upon this.

Many hostesses have a tendency to not get the products delivered in a timely manner to the guests. It is up to you the sales consultant to insure that the after show follow up is done on a timely manner.

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Basic follow up is key to future sales. When you put a system into place that ensures good follow up after the show, you will have more future sales and repeat bookings. Learn more home party plan tips and find more bookings at: http://www.createacashflowshow.com


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