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How To Pick A Direct Sales Business Coach

Some home party plan consultants look for help from a business coach when seeking to enter the industry or expand their established business. A direct sales business coach provides guidance and tutelage based on their experience, knowledge, and capabilities. You should select a coach based on how closely these qualities match the needs of you and your business.

The First Question To Ask A Business Coach

direct sales businesss coachYou should always inquire first about a free coaching session. A complimentary session will serve as an introductory meeting. In this session, you should be able to find out if this coach has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities that match what you are seeking. You should also be able to determine if they have right personality. The “right personality” is whatever you think you can best work with. Some coaches are easy-going and informal, while others may be more direct and formal. It is up to you to decide which personality you think will get the job done for you!

#2 Question To Ask Direct Sales Business Coach

As a direct sales consultant, you may want to know if the coach has any experience with the home party plan business. For some direct sales consultants, experience may be a prerequisite for a coach. However, others may not view this as a necessary to hire a coach. Knowing what type of experience the coach has, if any, in the direct sales industry, is important information to have when deciding on a business coach.

Other Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Business Coach

  • Is the coaching face-to-face, by telephone, or online?
  • Is the coach easily reached by phone?
  • Is the coach easily reached by e-mail?
  • Can the coaching hours work within the client’s schedule? Are night and weekend hours available?
  • How often are sessions scheduled?
  • Is the client locked into an agreement for a specified period of time?
  • Are procedures documented ahead of time?
  • Can the coach offer documented results from previous clients?
  • Can the coach provide testimonials?

The answers you receive to the questions above will help you answer the most important question:  Is the coach worth the money?

Is the Coach Worth the Money?

You will not know the full answer to this question until after you have spent the money and experienced several coaching sessions. However, by asking the question listed in this article, you will have a good idea before you begin the coaching sessions, if the coach is worth the money.

When looking for a direct sales marketing coach make sure that the one you pick has achieved success in the sales industry.


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Organize Your Direct Sales Business With 3-Ring Binders

direct sales marketing

Whether you’re a direct sales consultant or a direct sales business owner, the chances are high that you could benefit from increased organization and order. You can simplify every aspect of your direct sales business, from party planning and coordination right on down to the simple things like tracking orders, inventory and important dates. Better still, 3-ring binders are easily accessible and incredibly affordable, making them a boon to businesses with any budget. So, the next time school supplies go on sale, be sure to stock up on three ring binders that you can put to the following practical uses:

Direct Sales Party

The devil is in the details! Dedicate one 3-ring notebook or binder to every single direct sales party you throw. Designate a page to the hostess, bookers, attendees, purchases that were made, pictures, recipes and menu items, games that were played and other details. One binder per party is a great way to know exactly how things turned out.

Home Office Deduction

The home office deduction is a benefit to every home business consultant. Add to your accounting acumen. If your direct sales business struggles in the arena of accounting, 3-ring binders can help you stay on top of things long before tax time rolls around. Simply designate one notebook for the income tax expenses then one tab to each month in the year and carefully track and log your receipts, invoices, bills paid and other pertinent money-related matters in your career as a direct sales consultant or territory manager.

Create a powerful product library. When it comes to your direct selling business, you should devote some of your time to gathering stories, testimonials, product descriptions, highlights or anything else that could be used in a promotional format to boost your businesses sales and success.

Recruit Tracking

Keep track of your new recruits and all of those who sell under you through clever 3-ring binder usage. Devote one binder to each person who is booking and throwing parties for you. This can help you provide them with suggestions, training materials, sales reports and other things that can help them regularly boost their performance.

If you have a few suggestions on great ways that you’ve used three-ring binders to help you succeed as a direct sales consultant, we’d love to hear about them! Leave your experiences below as a comment to help encourage others on great ways to get organized and simplified in the home office.

Organization is key in any home business. When you stay organized all year long not only will it be easier at tax time but your profits will soar! Learn more about saving tax dollars at the direct sales marketing website: www.CreateACashFlowShow.com


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