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Child care for work at home moms

Many potential Wahms think that starting an at home daycare business will be an easy way to make extra money and stay at home with their children. Owning a childcare business can be rewarding and does have many perks. However, the realities of this type of business are far from the ideal expectations of most people considering childcare.

If you have experience in child care or a degree related to the child care field, then opening your own daycare as a Wahm is a natural extension of your our of the home job. However, there are a few important distinctions between working for someone else taking care of children and running your own in-home facility.

The first is money. At home childcare businesses can be profitable, but it normally takes six to eighteen months for Wahms to see any substantial income coming in. This may not be a problem for you, and if you are committed to building the quality and size of your business, the start of your profitability can be on the low end of that scale.

It takes several months to a year to turn a daycare into a profitable daycare for many reasons. First of all, each state has its own licensed childcare requirements. Getting licensed to have a home daycare means attending classes, passing certification and having your home inspected. While you are going through this process, you can look into doing some unlicensed childcare for a few children to start building your business. Each state has its own rules for unlicensed childcare. You should take the steps, however, to get licensed because it will increase your clout in the eyes of parents and make it easier to get funding for your daycare.

It can also take a while to become a profitable daycare because of the start up costs involved. While you do have some baby and child items from your own children, there are many things that you’ll need to buy in order to make your home functional as a daycare. You’ll want to buy tables and chairs, art supplies, music CDs, games and other activities that the children can use while they are in your home.

Finally, it takes time to build up a list of children who attend your daycare. There are many home daycare centers to choose from in every town, and once parents find a good center they normally stay there long term. Finding new clients can be difficult, especially if you don’t take care of infants or babies. Getting clients can be easier when you are licensed, but to begin with you need to rely on networking with parenting groups, people at your church, people in your community and friends in order to build your business.

Despite the long start up time, many Wahms find that owning their own in home childcare center is a great solution to their work at home problem. There are many benefits to taking care of other people’s children. Your children will never be without playmates to entertain them. You’ll have access to many fun and exciting programs made especially for daycare business owners, including discounts on supplies. You may even be eligible for federal subsidies for food and diapers for your cares.

To find out if owning a home daycare is right for you, read up on the subject. Visit other home daycares and ask how those Wahms are enjoying their business. Find out what your state and local regulations are regarding licensed and unlicensed daycare. Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll know if owning a childcare is right for you.


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Separating Business and Pleasure for Work-At-Home Moms

If you are going to be a successful work-at-home mom, you must find a way to set aside a portion of the day to have uninterrupted time to relax and attend to your own personal needs. Does this sound like an impossible proposition? When your children are infants and toddlers, their nap time provides you with some opportunity to focus on taking care of yourself and hopefully finding a few moments to relax. Some moms of infants and toddlers have a habit of napping when their child or children are sleeping, as this gives them an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed rest.

Becoming a new parent is an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming adventure. Try to establish healthy and suitable routines with your child, with the support and patience of your husband. Until you are able to develop a predictable routine with your child, however, the constant demands of being a new mother or mother of young children can become exhausting and discouraging.

Here are some tips to help you divide your business and personal time for work-at-home mothers.

1) Hire a mature and responsible high school or university student after school.
The ideal here is to find someone who would supervise outdoor play or would take your child to the park or playground so that you would have some time at home on your own. The next best thing is to have the sitter in the home when you’re there but with the careful instruction not to ‘bother’ you unless it was an emergency. Being a mother is a delicate balancing act. Use a day planner to determine in advance if you are going to devote the time that your baby-sitter is watching your children to your business or personal time. For instance, perhaps make a standing appointment with a trusted baby-sitter once a month for you to take time to get your hair cut and receive a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Other times, enlist the help of your sitter when you want to focus on working on your at-home business.

2) Collaborate your efforts with other work-at-home mothers.
If you could develop a team of several women, each could take the children for a morning on a particular day of the week. Predictable ‘kids swaps’ or ‘play dates’ would provide some time for you to invest in your business or in rejuvenating yourself. Your child would have a good opportunity to learn to socialize with other children.

3) Consider Parent Co-ops.
A formal version of a parent co-op is where full-time or part-time child care is provided by professional childcare workers but parents help defray the cost by assisting the early child care workers by helping several hours a week. This is often cheaper than regular day care services and part-time arrangements are more possible.

4) Arrange for the child’s grandparents to provide childcare.
If you and your family happen to live in the same city or town as your parents or parents-in-law, perhaps an arrangement where they take the children for a predictable time period every week can be worked out. The ideal is for them to take the children to their house and leave you with quiet time to work or tend to your personal needs.

5) Self-directed play activities are good.

When children are older, they can be provided with activities that absorb their interest and attention. Hands-on activities that are creative are best. Be really careful that you donÆt over-rely the memorizing power of the television or computer as baby sitter.

6) Be a laptop multi-tasker.
During wait time while your child is taking lessons, use your laptop computer to get some valuable work time in. Most community centres and gyms have wireless internet. If not, many other organizational tasks can be done during this time. Bring your day planner and plan out your following week, carving out time for you to work on your business, as well as time for you to enjoy yourself and do something pleasurable and relaxing.


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Childcare Tips For Work-At-Home Moms

Once my husband and I discovered that we were expecting our first child, we had a series of serious discussions that led to our decision that after our baby was born, I would leave my current professional position and become a work-at-home mom. We have a beautiful home that my husband and I both work hard to keep clean and organized, and I love spending time at home, so creating a home office for the new chapter in my career was a positive and exciting experience.

After talking to several of my friends from work and university who also made the difficult decision to leave their careers to begin a new career at home, I realized that my husband and I had to research child-care options. My friends cautioned me that working at home can become overwhelming without the support of one’s husband and family. They mentioned that I have to make time for myself to work and consider utilizing good quality child-care to give me some time alone to concentrate on my home business.

Here are a list of ideas that my friends and I created from our discussions:

1) Get your Husband On Board:
The first step that us work-at-home moms should take while searching for quality child-care is to ask for our husband’s help and time. Mothers can ask their hubbies to assist them with caring for their children once the husbands are home from work in the evenings and on weekends. Brainstorm ideas with your husband as to how both of you can manage your work time better and have more time to devote to your children. A healthy marriage involves both husband and wife contributing to the childcare and household chores. Build your husband’s self-esteem and allow him to feel that you genuinely trust and have confidence in his fathering abilities.

2) Develop a Supportive Childcare Network:
Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow church-members who have children and set up a schedule where you will help take care of their children when you are free and they will watch your children for you when you are busy. Grandmothers love to spend time with their grandchildren, so don’t hesitate in talking to your mother and mother-in-law about coming to your home once or several times a week to help take care of your children. Neighbors with children are good people to connect with, as your may take turns take care of one another’s children without having to spend time driving across town to drop them off and pick them up.

3) Hire A Childcare Giver:
When your husband, family, friends and neighbours are not readily available to care for your children while you focus on your home business, then a trustworthy and knowledgeable baby-sitter may be a real life-saver. Consider asking your close family and friends for recommendations for child-care givers. Maybe put a notice at your husband’s place of employment or your church to help find a qualified baby-sitter. Interview each potential child-care giver before hiring them to watch your children.


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