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WordPress Review Sites: How to Create Your Own

Review sites are the latest trend in Internet marketing. You can intercept customers almost ready to buy, as well as promote several affiliate products at once. You can even use it to do research to see what product is most popular! But how do you create your own?

WordPress review sites provide a powerful platform for installing a easy to use, WYSIWYG editor on your site. With the different themes that are available, you can customize your WordPress site to look however you prefer. However, not all those themes are ideal for a review site.

Look for a theme that allows you to remove the dates, since you’re not running a blog – you’re creating a static website. Also, look at the style. You want a professional looking theme to make people feel safe in their purchase. Finally, look for the ability to customize. If you have to go into editing the stylesheets or PHP files, you’re looking at a large time investment. The ideal theme will have a form you can fill out to get your site looking how your want.

Now, there are many free themes out there. However, ones that you find for free on the Internet have the tendency to be filled with coding errors, which hurts your SEO. People who design free templates generally have little motivation to stick around to fix issues that may come up.

You can also look at having a webmaster code your site. This generally starts at $500, but you do get exactly the look you want for your site. If you’re just starting out, this may be too big of an initial investment.

A third option is to find a paid theme. These run between $70-$100. The people who write them have a vested interest in making the themes work – if they didn’t, they would quickly wind up with a bad reputation and no more sales.

I’ve found a theme that’s underpriced compared with the competition. It’s professional looking, SEO friendly, and easily customizable. If you’re interested, go check it out! If you’re interested, go check it out!
WordPress Review Theme.


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