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Stumped for Ideas? Things You Can Blog About

There is not a single person on the planet that has not run into an issue of writer’s block. It just naturally happens. Your brain seems to stall out and you really have no idea what you are going to write about. You may have a general idea but it is the details that are killing you and your drive to complete the article, book, or blog. And yes, blogging is no different than writing an article or a paper. Sometimes you just have no idea what to blog about.

If you are trying to blog for money then you can definitely run into some problems. What types of topics are interesting enough to engage readers and encourage them to mark your page and visit it often to read new blog posts? Well the topics vary according to you. Let’s say you are interested in promoting a book that you have written. Your blogs can contain snippets of the book to interest others. They read the snippets and then are curious about how the story turns out and they buy your book. Cha-Ching! Money in your pocket just from blogging, and you cannot forget that if they like the book they will recommend your blog to other people. That is great word of mouth advertising.

What you choose to write about is completely up to you but there are some things to keep in mind. You want your blog to be informal and easy to relate to. But beware of making it too informal. You want to stay informative yet add a personal touch. People really do not want to hear about what you ate for breakfast unless you are blogging about a new diet. In that case you can blog about your daily food intake to your heart’s content and it is relevant to what you are trying to get out.

A great way to build readers is too often build up a reputation of being an expert or at least have great knowledge in a field. Blogging can do that for you. You do not want to post an erroneous fact that is for certain but you can post tips, hints and suggestions for readers to follow. People begin to trust that you actually know what you are writing about because this is important if you are out to make money blogging.

One thing you should know is that blogging does take time and effort. You have to post comments on other blogs or other websites in general that also include the link to your blog or a specific blog post. Not many people want to devote that kind of time to maintaining their blog on a daily basis. But there is a solution.
A quick visit Blog Blueprint may be the perfect solution to your needs. You can cut down on your work load significantly by using something like Blog Blueprint. Blog Blueprint will help you boost your blog rankings (and traffic) immensely. Best of all, the entire Blog Blueprint tools and system is heavily based on ‘smart’ automation.


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