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Direct Sales Consultants Overcome Phone Phobia

overcome phone phobiaBeing a direct home sales consultant is a great way to earn a living. Having your own business allows you to choose your field, select the people you work with, decide what products you sell, and control your own destiny. Being a direct sales consultant allows you to choose your product lines, pick your hours, and have fun while you work. However, as a home party consultant, you often have to pick up the phone and promote yourself.

No Such Thing As Direct Sales Phone Phobia!

Take a look at the phone – cell phone or regular home phone. It doesn’t look scary, does it? However, for most people the phone can be one scary device. Fear of making phone calls may be the one thing preventing your direct sales business from achieving success and profitability. Overcoming phone phobia is a key to success in the home party business and should be a part of any direct sales training.

Direct sales training should include:

  • Learning ways to network
  • Learning cost-effective methods of advertising.
  • Discovering ways to run a dynamic and exciting party that will encourage sales.
  • Teaching effective methods to increase bookings
  • Learning how to collaborate with other direct sales consultants.
  • Learning how to overcome your phone phobia

How to Overcome Phone Phobia

Learning to overcome your fear of making sales calls is essential to the growth of your direct sales business. The fear of rejection runs deep in most of us, but pushing past this fear is possible.

  • Realize that it’s just business. It is nothing personal if you get rejected on a sales
    call. They don’t hate you – they are just not interested.
  • Write out a script before you call. A good 30-second script covering the essential
    points of your product will help you feel more comfortable.
  • Be yourself. Though you have a script, let your personality come through over the
    phone. You don’t want to sound forced or fake.
  • Develop a thick skin. Yes, you will be rejected…over and over again. Your success in direct sales depends on your persistence…and your thick skin.

Repeat After Me: “The Phone Is My Cash Register!”

Sales calls are an integral part of the direct home sales business. Your success depends on your ability to view the phone as a friend, not as a foe. Getting over your fear of rejection and learning to embrace the phone as an effective marketing tool is possible with the proper direct sales training and some good old-fashioned perseverance.


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